Connect cryptocurrency to your gambling or betting business

Offer your customers the opportunity to make game payments or receive winnings in convenient way


Complete legal assistance

Represent or establish your legal entity in the country, where cryptocurrency exchange operations are legalized according to the Presidential Decree No. 8.

Approved technical solution

With fast and secure crypto⇔fiat gateway implemented by Cotlex you will be able to accept payments in crypto from you clients all over world.


Fast transactions

with the direct instant exchange

Low commissions

on all crypto payments


to FATF recommendations and AML/CFT practices

Seamless integration and customization

to your business process flow



Attract more potential gamblers with fiat money to your crypto casinos. Accept deposits by integrating fiat-based payment gateway.

Higher retention rate

of newly attracted gamblers by seamless user experience.

Extra speed and simplicity

for gamblers to withdraw their winnings in any suitable and secure way - whether in fiat or cryptocurrency.


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