Cryptocurrency instant exchange solution is a service that allows customers to instantly change cryptocurrencies for fiat money and vice versa. Today, there are many instant exchange platforms with different functionality and a set of cryptocurrencies in the market. However, almost none of these platforms provide a completely legal exchange service that meets regulatory requirements and FATF standards.

For the end-user of a cryptocurrency exchange solution, it is extremely important that:

  • the necessary currency is available;
  • the transaction is reliable and legal;
  • the solution guarantees no loss of funds;
  • if necessary, the user can protect their interests in court.

Integration of cryptocurrency into a classic business model requires:

  • development of crypto exchange solution;
  • integration of the solution with other services;
  • check on compliance with strict FATF standards and regulator`s requirements, etc.

Such an approach guarantees transparency, legal security, and a strong commitment to fulfilling the terms of cryptocurrency transactions and instant crypto exchange operation.

It`s hard to find a ready-made solution that would meet all the requirements and carry out crypto transactions in a couple of clicks. But the service on its development and implementation is provided by Cotlex.

The final product developed by Cotlex combines all the most complex cryptocurrency algorithms and processes in a simple and user-friendly interface. It can be adapted to a specific business model and integrated into any system, which would allow working with cryptocurrency.

What are the features of Cotlex cryptocurrency instant exchange solution?

  1. Legal field. Many companies and financial structures that value their reputation and licenses find it highly important to work in a completely legal field. The fact is that when interacting with illegal digital currency exchanges, the company could easily and unknowingly be dragged into money laundering activities. This, in turn, comes with consequences, such as fines, loss of license, legal prosecution, etc. That is why such companies strive to find a country with an appropriate jurisdiction that would enable it to conduct its cryptocurrency business. Cotlex provides an opportunity to work within the jurisdiction of Belarus, where implementation, registration, and conduct of cryptocurrency transactions are completely legal.
  2. Compliance. The cryptocurrency instant exchange solution is designed to handle exchange transactions following all the FATF rules and requirements. All the world`s best anti-money laundering practices are collected in one solution, thus enabling you to conduct transparent and legal business.
  3. The cryptocurrency instant exchange is a simple and user-friendly product for the end-user. To conduct transactions with crypto, you don`t need to have special knowledge and experience, unlike when you are interacting with cryptocurrency exchanges. It may seem unclear for many people how to buy and sell a cryptocurrency, so this process can take them a week or more. In the cryptocurrency instant exchange solution, transactions are executed immediately at the current rate. This allows the user to perform transactions in a couple of clicks, by just entering the currency pairs once being verified.

The creation and integration of a crypto instant exchange into a business model of a company is a steadily growing trend. However, the process of designing and implementing such a solution from scratch can be very time-consuming, starting from handling legal issues and ending with the development itself.

You can expand the capabilities of your business by deploying a cryptocurrency instant exchange solution. You can achieve this in two ways:

  • Take up the task by yourself, study the cryptocurrency laws of various countries, the requirements of financial institutions, the cryptocurrency exchange algorithms and develop a product that incorporates all the necessary rules and requirements.
  • Take advantage of the expertise and experience of a company that has already done all this work. Cotlex provides technical solutions and legal support for crypto exchange processes. The final product of Cotlex embodies best practices in the world of cryptocurrency operation and regulation.

With Cotlex you will understand how a single product can function legally and safely for all participants in the crypto-exchange process. The simplicity and convenience of the crypto instant exchange interface increase the loyalty of users of different skill levels. Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency transactions are becoming more accessible for both owners of cryptocurrency exchange solutions and end-users.

Cotlex's solution makes cryptocurrency a simple and clear tool that can be used to expand opportunities for business and those interested in modern crypto technologies.

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